The therapist is in.

I talked about my new therapist in a previous post, and I was finally able to give her my time today. All of my papers are squared away, I have the plates on, and I was ready to go. But, would I be able to ride her? Would she be too much for me to handle after being used to a much smaller therapist for so long? I was nervous about my first appointment, but I shouldn’t have been.

What a rush!

As soon as I sat on the seat, I felt a great sense of calm. The seat was just right, the mirrors were perfect; a perk from buying her from someone as tall as me. As soon as I started that motor, and felt it rumbling under me, I began to feel happier. When we hit the road, well, it was love at first throttle.

What a thrill it was to have so much more power with just a twist of my wrist. Immediately she jumped forward, ready to go faster, faster, faster! I could have ridden forever, but as I rode out of town, it looked like rain was moving my way, so I had to keep it short, The ride was smooth and fairly bump free. My smaller therapist is a bit rough, and tells me where all the bumps and dips are in the road. But she does her best for being smaller.

I can’t wait to hit the road for real. I plan on taking some road trips this year, short ones, to get out and just ride. Find a few scenic roads and just enjoy myself. There is nothing quite like getting on a motorcycle to shut down all the random garbage that my brain can manage to throw up a me, keeping my stress level high. When riding, I cant pay attention to all of that noise. My therapist will remind me with a shimmy that I am not focused on her, and bring me back to where I need to be. She gets jealous.

So now I wait impatiently for my next opportunity.




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