Springtime, flowers and kids, oh my!

Its been a beautiful 80+ here the last few days, and I am loving it! No humidity, sunny skies and a nice breeze. Aahhh, if only if could stay just like this. As much as I love summer, springtime has, by far, the best temperatures. A little volatile, but that’s spring in the Midwest for you.  

We spent all of last Sunday planting flowers, and re configuring the design of a flowerbed I had in the front by the porch. I am no landscaping expert by any means, but the results are colorful, and I like coming home from my smelly, dark and ugly job to a bright spot at my home. The happy little blooms make me smile every time I pull past them into the driveway. Sometimes flower therapy is the best therapy! 


With springtime also comes the end of school. I know people who cringe at the thought of the school year coming to a close. Some because they have to scramble for babysitting, others because now THEY have to do their own. I love it. I cant wait for school to be out, and I dread when they go back every fall. I think its because I am selfish, and I don’t like to share my kids. When they are gone, I miss their noise and energy in the house. They are funny and helpful, and still like to hang around with mom, which baffles a few folks I know, who go to battle with their kids every day. I feel for those parents who have a less than happy existence with their children, We have our arguments, and they can really go at each other, but it never lasts long. I am very proud of the young men my boys are growing up to be, in spite of my parenting lessons and failures along the way. 

Spring is also that little reminder that’s its the beginning of another year they will age and grow stronger, and a nudge closer to leaving the nest. Time waits for no one i guess. 

And with that reminder of the time, its time I got off my couch and get out in my yard. Grass also waits for no one!

Have a happy spring day today everyone!