Changing seasons

Winter seems to have finally released its stranglehold on us, and spring has come in with a vengeance. High wind, heavy rain and a fierce lightning show let all know the seasons have finally changed. Winter is done. No more snow, frigid temperatures and  bleak days. Enter tornado season…

I have been anxious for spring to get here this year. Well, I am anxious for spring every year, because winter is my least favorite season, but this year is different. This year I am going to finally put a greenhouse in my back yard. I have several varieties of heirloom vegetables I have been waiting to try, and this year I plan on making it happen. Heirloom veggies are more sensitive, and can be more difficult to grow in comparison to the hybrid varieties. They haven’t been ‘tinkered’ with like the varieties offered in your local farm store or big box home improvement warehouse. They are more susceptible to bugs, disease and damage. For these, and many other reasons, I have waited until I could put a greenhouse up to protect my little nutritional powerhouses.

This year I would like to skip my yearly war of the squirrels, and I am hoping a greenhouse can help me with that little slice of summer hell. Little fuzzy rats tear up my gardening efforts every year, terrorizing my plants and tearing up my soil. It certainly doesn’t help that my neighbor thinks they are cute, and feeds them ears of corn on her porch. Ugh. I may steal her little corn holder thingy. It’s either that or I do what a friend of mine has done in the past with a raccoon invasion; sit outside in a ghillie suit and shoot at the little boogers. Worked for him, but I think my neighbors may frown upon tracer rounds whizzing about the neighborhood. Civility, the bane of city living.

Aside from the greenhouse, I have been yearning for the smell of leaves after spring rain. The smell of cut grass seems a distant memory after such a tedious winter, and I even miss the singing of birds as they invade my back patio roof and wake me up with their babies peeping for attention. Swimming, camping, hiking, working outside in the soil, sun warm on my arms. Winter was way too long and brutal this year, and I have far too many put off projects waiting for my attention.

Time to grow things!

Little rat



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